One look back

It’s a beautiful fall day, crisp air, leaves falling with the temperature. Normally I would consider starting up the fireplace for the first wood fire of the season, drying more apple slices for holiday gifts, a walk on the bike path just a few hundred feet away.

But today is different, with the many small activities that need taking care of prior to departing on a long voyage: emptying the frig of perishables, check doors and security system, water the plants, final check of baggage items, last checks written for bills that will need paying.

As I walk down the sidewalk, I briefly turn to look at the house one more time, pausing for the brief moment of reflection on the journey ahead, but also contemplating how it will all look in 30 days with a dusting of snow.

The day and the journey begins with deep gratitude for the many wonderful people who have made this possible, with their work, support and love.


One thought on “One look back

  1. What a beautiful picture of your home–radiating the sun’s glow on this mid-autumn day . Great blessings for your journey ahead! We will takes some walks by your home to keep it company while you are gone!

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